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Sustainability & 

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are a global management consulting firm, driving long term sustainable returns

Help businesses to be
more sustainable & responsible
is what we do. 

Trianon Scientific Communication leads projects were profitability is at the foresight.

for your business success

Our holistic view on sustainable development (i.e. environmental, social & economic) allows us to place it at the heart of business development to boost their attractiveness, competitiveness and profitability, while doing good for the planet.

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Devoted to help medium & intermediate sized companies
move more easily into
sustainable development

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We not only help you design a new sustainable strategy, but we are also the perfect link between strategy and operations.

We design solutions and implement them at each stage of your transformation.

to reinvent your business

You want your business to be both sustainable & profitable?

Discover our P³ program (People, Planet, Profit):

4 phases  to increase your profitability up to 80%, while:

  • Reducing your carbon footprint (Planet)

  • Engaging your internal & external stakeholders (People)

  •  Increasing your brand attractiveness (profit)

Pioneers in
innovation, scale up & commercialisation of sustainable products & processes

Our experts can help you:

  • from lab discovery to commercialisation,

  • from Technology Readiness Level 1 to 9

In short, whatever is the maturity of your innovation.

Invested in increasing the ROI*
on social sustainability of your buisiness
to strengthen your brand

  • Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

  • Social cohesion

  • Company culture

  • Corporate Governance

  • Corporate Communication

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*ROI : Return on Investment

  • Discouraged by the efforts required to make your organisation more sustainable?​​

  • Does reducing your environmental, societal, and economic impacts seem complex?​

  • Matching a responsibility-driven business with existing and new expectations of consumers and stakeholders seems like putting the brakes on your growth?

Trianon Scientific Communication can help you

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Invest in your business sustainability!

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