Developing Sustainable Innovative Strategies


Trianon Scientific Communication

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Experts in Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainable Development

We provide specialist and strategic support to make your organisation more sustainable, inclusive, and profitable.

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Our holistic view on sustainable development (i.e. environmental, social & economic) allows us to place it at the heart of business development to boost their attractiveness, competitiveness and profitability, while doing good for the planet.

Would like to offer your collaborators an inspirational speech on environmental sustainability, diversity inclusion and belonging or leadership, to kick start implementing sustainable practices in your organisation?

We can tailor make a fun, informative, inspirational, conference (ENG, FRA), you will remember.

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Pioners in innovation, scale up & commercialisation of sustainable products and processes, our experts can help you:

  • from lab discovery to commercialisation,

  • from Technology Readiness Level 1 to 9

In short, whatever is the maturity of your innovation.

A sustainable plan towards more profitability should be well communicated at every level of a company.

It should also avoid green washing, social washing and engage your internal and external stakeholders.

We help your collaborators understand what the new strategy mean for them and how they can successfully bring it forward.

  • How to answer objections to more environmentally and socially sustainable practices?

  • How to lead the change without disturbing your operations?

  • Where to start?

  • Do you need an audit?

  • You have done different (sustainable) initiative but nothing sticked?

We will share with you the tools and knowledge, sustainable leaders need to drive down CSR*, DEI** and more sustainable strategies.

*Corporate Social Responsibility - **Diversity Equity & Inclusion


The experts of Trianon Scientific Communication were a great source of ideas to build a sustainable supply chain, identifying both principles to follow and potential players to work with.


They also helped me along the way to identify funding opportunities, even helping me craft my pitch.


I also appreciated their skill as project managers, keeping everything moving and on track, and delivering on what they said they would.

Diane N.,CEO




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webinars, publications, events & speeches



on behalf of multinational companies, SMEs and NGO.


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