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Trianon Scientific Communication

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Trianon Scientific Communication is a global consulting firm expert in Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainable development.

We help businesses that (historically) have the highest CO2 emissions, reconcile sustainability and profitability.

Dr. Audrey-Flore Ngomsik, and Dr. Markus Fanselow, the co-founders, have centred their practices in using a data driven approach, to engage executive boards in placing Corporate Social Responsibility in the DNA of their corporate strategy.

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Dr. Audrey-Flore Ngomsik

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Dr. Markus Fanselow

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We believe that people, planet and profit should be tackle concomitantly for a more efficient sustainable corporate strategy.


Therefore, we do not only strategise on how to decrease CO2 emissions, but also on increasing diversity among decision makers, and developing inclusive environment to foster innovation, decrease a business CO2 emission faster and produce more revenues.

The two co-founders have started working on developing sustainable products and process, before the word "sustainability" event existed.


Therefore, they know how to develop and implement sustainable strategies from inside and out.

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CSR agency

Board member of several organisations, they work with executive boards to help them place sustainability at the heart of their business' DNA to boost their profitability, competitiveness, and attractivity. 

Our core values

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