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Sustainability and profitability
seem challenging to balance in your business?

We make it easier!

Public speaking


Public speaking - Inspirational keynotes - conferences

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Climate change is one of the most difficult challenges that leaders are facing.

To be able to answer to them, they will need to work on the three pillars: people, planet & profit.

Hire us for inspiring, interactive, fun, and informative speeches to get your organisation moving.

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Climate, energy  & sustainability

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Why the S of CSR, the S of SGD and the S of ESG must go hand in hand
(DEIB*, social sustainability)

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CSR for your business strategy (CSR)


Sustainable green innovation

Circular economy, ally, gender diversity, intersectionality

*DEIB: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging

**CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility

Executive training


Executive training - Inter company trainings - Intra company training - Masterclasses - Workshops

Learn powerful new strategies for making sustainability a driver of organizational engagement, innovation, and change.

Understand how to best embrace sustainability and shape strategies to leverage corporate environmental, social and economic sustainability performances.


CSR & Corporate Sustainability

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DEI in the workplace

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Sustainability & CSR strategies - DEI strategies - Corporate Communication

Consulting services

Sustainable & CSR strategies

On average, a 0.1 higher carbon efficiency is associated with a 1.0% higher profitability and 0.6% lower systematic risk.

That means that if you make the right sustainability investments, you can both reduce cost and increase revenue.

Let us show you how sustainability (ESG*, SDG**, DEI***) equals profitability for your business.

*ESG: Environment, Social, Governance

**SDG: Sustainable Development goals

***DEI: Diversity Equity & Inclusion

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DEI strategies

Companies with the highest diversity (inherent & acquired) where decisions are taken, outperform the ones with the lowest diversity by 36% when it comes to profitability.

This is why at Trianon Scientific Communication we believe that environmental, social and economic sustainability should be addressed concomitantly for more efficient sustainable corporate strategies.

Therefore, we do not only strategise on the way to decrease COE emissions of your business, but also on increasing DEI among decisions makers.

Let us help you use DEI* to reduce the CO2 emissions of your organisation.

*DEI: Diversity Equity & Inclusion


Corporate Communication - Engagement of external and internal stakeholders - Avoid greenwashing & social washing

Corporate Communication

Sustainability communication is the commitment of a company to speak truthfully and authentically about its sustainability strategy, goals, and efforts. It helps companies build their reputation, create a competitive advantage, and engage stakeholders.

Successfully doing well by doing good means sharing a well-communicated plan with the entire company.

It also means avoiding greenwashing and social washing.


We will show you how to communicate to engage your internal and external stakeholders.

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Scientific innovations from lab discovery to commercialisation - Social innovations

We turn your innovation into a real business, identify new trends, and solve scientific and social challenges.


We work from mad discovery to commercialisation.



Fund Raising applications

(European grants, VC, business angels, Corporate grants, National grants, Regional grants, International grants)

Before, during, after the applications, our services include:

  • Mapping of suitable funding programs

  • Analysis of your idea

  • Proposal writing

  • Pitch sessions

  • Funding coordination

  • Funding management

  • Project communication

  • Negotiation, Communication and reporting to the funding body

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Our industry focus

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