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Stay tuned

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Video n°4: P³ calculator

Green Theme Stationery

Green skills


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Rising voices

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Why is the food system not sustainable?

Onassis Stegi

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Making sustainability & diversity business as usual


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Getting intentional about gender equality

Kazuri Consulting

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i have a dream

European Policy Center

Make sustainability profitable

Les Merveilleuses

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Why diversity & management should go hand in hand

Le Soir

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Celebrating International Day of Women and girls in science

European Women on Boards

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Celebrating Women of Color in Sustainability


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Smart textiles

 La Libre Belgique

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Women Entrepreneur's Day


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Brussels Declaration



The interconnection of People, Planet, Profit 


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The challenge of transdisciplinary work

Ars Electronica

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Diverse women voices still unheard


Executive Leaders : Gender equality, Innovation & Sustainability

Rise and Lead

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How Green Innovation in Cosmetics will Enhance a More Sustainable Cosmetics Industry?

CRCC 2022